Yuna Shimizu
[[File:Img shimizu-yuna
Gender Female
Home Nagano Prefecture
Age 13
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Wakaba Party
Height 147cm
Weight 39kg

Yuna Shimizu is a secondary characters in Idol Jihen. She's from the Wakaba Party, and is a Tochigi representative. She is also from the idol unit Carbuncle.




Yuna is a thirteen year old with a very youthful appearance with a small frame and large, sharp purple eyes. Her long yellow hair is worn in pigtails that curl on the end, each held by a white ribbon, and she has thick bangs with thin forelock strands that reach her chest.

Yuna wears a white sundress with ruffles and buttons going down the middle and a tiny bow residing on each shoulder strap. She also wears a white bracelet on each wrist, and white baby doll shoes with two bows on each foot and a brown platform bottom. In the anime, Yuina's dress is heavily modified, along with her shoes, which are now sandals and lack their bows. She also gains a wing necklace and loses her bracelets.




  • Her birthday is June 12.
    • She is the third oldest in the Wakaba Party.
  • She is the tallest girl in the Wakaba Party.
  • Her blood type is O.