Ringo Yami (Ringo-Sama)
[[File:Yami Ringosama
Gender Female
Home Aomori Prefecture
Age 15
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party SOS Party
Height 152cm
Weight 41kg

Ringo Yami (Ringo-sama) is a character in Idol Jihen. She is the lead dietwoman of the SOS Party.



Ringo-sama is a Ghostbuster, believing she can bring any ghosts to its knees. Despite this, she is actually a gentle and helpful person, shown when she assists in bringing down the ghosts.


Ringo-sama has sharp, slanted brown eyes and long black hair worn loose with a very thin braid on either side of the head. Her bangs are straight cut with short forelocks, each held by a red bow. 

She wears a grey long-sleeved dress with a corset-style top and the skirt cut to resemble a flowing cape wih a shorter layer of red beneath it. She also wears black tights, black boots with shoelaces, and a black ruffled shawl held by a rose sewn to a red ribbon. Two tiny ribbons are sewn to each of her sleeves. On her head is a frilly black and red headband with a red ribbon sewn to each side.

In the anime she instead wears a two-piece outfit focusing on the gothic aspect of the style and her hair is slightly modified. She also wears a hat instead of a headband piece.


She grew up on an apple farm. At some point she took on the character of "Ringo-sama" and began dressing in gothic lolita fashion.



  • Her birthday is July 5th.
  • Her blood type is B.