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The Wakaba Party is a political party featured in Idol Jihen. They are known for having some of the youngest members of any Party featured in the series (a fact used against them by the Rougai Party). Their theme color is green.


Idol Dietwomen

Name Age Home Additional notes
Kuruha Amou 13 Tokushima Member of SMILE ♥ X and Carbuncle.
Yuina Amamiya 13 Tochigi Prefecture Member of Carbuncle.
Yuna Shimizu 13 Nagano Prefecture Member of Carbuncle.
Miyu Hirasawa 9 Hokkaido Not featured in the anime.
Shion Kagaya 9 Akita Not featured in the anime.
Ako Tsutsumishita 12 Osaka prefecture Not featured in the anime.


  • The average age of this Party is 11.5 (the youngest out of all the Parties in Idol Jihen).
  • This party acts "as a spokesperson for children living in Japan" and are "keenly engaged in educational and family problems". They are known to be popular with middle aged and elderly people despite their singing and dancing skills being lower than average.