• Chrismh

    Game Being Shutdown!

    July 30, 2017 by Chrismh

    I don't really know whats going on, but I was trying to find an online database for the game (because we kinda need that stuff for the wiki you know?) when I kept seeing things like "Idol Jihen calls it quits" and "being shut down July 31", etc.

    So yeah, as it turns out the game is being shutdown. I don't know why, I didn't really want to know why because the news already bummed me out DX If I had to assume, I'd say it's a lack of interest or maybe the game has problems or something. Maybe the series is getting some re-writing done XD I mean if you check the official wiki page, you can see it's been in developement hell way before it finally got two feet in the door.

    Anyway this is pretty depressing. I did really like the game- but I couldn't play…

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  • Chrismh


    January 26, 2017 by Chrismh

    I got so excited when I found it... but the only problem for me is that its incredibly laggy during the rhythm game/main game menu/any section featuring the 3D Models. It makes playing the game fairly hard, I wish there was a way to fix it but I guess its too strong for my device DX

    Anyway what about you guys? Anyone play it?

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