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The Sunlight Party is a political party featured in Idol Jihen. Their theme color is orange and there are 14 members in it currently. 


Idol Dietwomen

Names Age Home Additional notes
Mizuki Fudou 19 Tokyo Party Leader and member of SMILE ♥ X.
Chinatsu Ryuusekidou 18 Fukushima Prefecture Second-In-Command.
Konatsu Shinjou 17 Aichi Prefecture Member of A.I.S.
Sayo Nekohira 17 Iwate Prefecture Member of A.I.S.
Ruru Kitani 15 Saitama Member of A.I.S.
Etsuko Hosaki 18 Gunma Prefecture
Eleanor Saionji 18 Tokyo
Himawari Ikka 17 Ishikawa Prefecture
Umi Hioki 15 Mie Prefecture
Ririka Aozasa 17 Shimane Prefecture
Otome Kiyotoo 20 Kochi Prefecture
Himena Yumeno 20 Ehime Prefecture
Rin Kanokogi 17 Kumamoto Prefecture
Koharu Akamine 16 Oita Prefecture

Former Members


The girls of Heroine Party meet with this group while visiting Mitani Village, where they find them protesting against the pollution ruining the land. With harsh feelings between ex-member Shizuka and the second-in-command Chinatsu, the two groups struggled to work together until Natsuki was able to help them realize that doing this wasn't getting anything done.

Working together with the residents of the land, the Sunlight Party was able to encourage them to help refurbish the trash and junk into new, beautiful things. They also performed for everyone, swaying the decisions of everyone trying to stop them and making ammends with Heroine Party.


  • This is the only Party in Idol Jihen with a known former member.
    • It is also the largest Party.
    • Due to being the largest Party, its members have a rich variety of different skillsets and can respond to problems in many different sectors.
  • The average age of this party is 17.4.
  • Is the only Party to have two members from the same prefecture since Mizuki Fudou and Eleanore Saionji are both from Tokyo.