Shion Kagaya
[[File:Img kagaya-shion
Gender Female
Home Akita
Age 9
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Wakaba Party
Height 112cm
Weight 20kg

Shion Kagaya is a character in Idol Jihen. She is from the Wakaba Party as an Akita representative.




Shion has big brown eyes and short, matching colored hair with streaks of pale yellow. She has a fanged tooth that is often exposed.

Her attire consists of a soft yellow and white one-piece made to resemble a dog with long, floppy brown ears. It has feminine eyes and a muzzle with a tongue sticking out at the middle of her head. Sewn to the neck is a large, loose pink ribbon. She also wears light navy boots with yellow accent and four white straps, along with pink and white striped stockings.




  • Her birthday is December 31.
    • She is the youngest Idol in the Party, as well as the youngest Idol in the series.
  • Her blood type is O.