Sakura Isuzugawa
[[File:Img isuzugawa-sakura
Gender Female
Home Yamagata, Japan
Age 16
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Bishoujo Party
Height 161cm
Weight 45kg

Sakura Isuzugawa is an Idol Dietwoman and a member of the Bishoujo Party.



Sakura is like the others in the Bishoujo Party, in that she is somewhat easy-going and playful. However, she is also shown as someone who might pout often and can be a bit tempermental or arguementive if annoyed.


Sakura has rounded, vibrant green eyes with several lashes and long, wavy pale pink hair decorated with several striped bows and white sakura flowers. She has a side-tail held by an indigo bow with a layer of magenta and white polka-dot fabric over it, held by a smaller dark blue and gold striped ribbon decorated by a cherry hanging from a flower. Her thick, straightened bangs are held with three hair clips, and she wears cherry earrings.

Her game attire is based on a heavily modified school uniform made of a white opened work shirt beneath an equally low-cut light blue sweater-vest with a pink and yellow argyle pattern, exposing her black and pink bra or bikini top. On the sleeve cuffs are pink sakura buttons, while a loose navy tie hangs from her chest, decorated with badges. She also wears several rings, bracelets, and necklaces, a pink and white check pleat mini-skirt, loafers with a thin pointed heel, and leg warmers with a large cherry sewn to the side.

In the anime, Sakura's hair is a pale orange-brown color and her ornaments lessen to a few red bows. She loses one necklace and a few bracelets, while her rings only reside on her left hand and are gold. She wears the toe and nail polish the other girls wear, and her outfit is modified to consist of a pale cyan ruffled top with pink accent, ripped denim short-shorts, and white and tan sandals with ribbon wrapped around the upper foot and ankle.




  • Her birthday is June 15.
  • Her blood type is AB.