Smile Kiss Performing in the opening

SMILE ♥ X is an idol unit formed by several Idol Diet-women from different parties. They are a rival group of Cherry 7


Name Age Home Party Member Colour
Mizuki Fudou 19 Tokyo Sunlight Party
Sachie Kondou 23 Toyama  Heroines Party
Ume Momoi 16 Kanagawa Bishoujo Party
Light Pink
Yami Ringo-sama 15 Aomori SOS Party
Mika Kozuru 17 Kagoshima Subculture Party
Light Blue
Natsuki Hoshina 16 Niigata Heroines Party
Shizuka Onimaru 16 Fukoka Heroines Party
Dark Blue
Kuruha Amou 13 Tokushima Wakaba Party
Sakurako Iizuka 18 Nara Starlight Party


SMILE ♥ X was formed as a rival group for the veteran idol group Cherry 7, who were working with the Rougai Party to end the practice of idol Diet-women. The group was a collaboration between all the current idol diet-women, proposed by Shizuka Onimaru. All the current idol Diet-women audition for a role in the group and Mizuki Fudou chose the final 9 members.

SMILE ♥ X and Cherry 7 competed against each other and SMILE ♥ X (without Natsuki Hoshina) earned the support of the Japanese public, winning the contest, but were unable to stop the passage of the Idol Diet-woman Prohibition Bill.

Unit Outfit

Each girl wears a matching yellow dress wih frilly white detail to match the fabric covering the chest. They also wear frilly wrist accessories and boots with a pair of knee-socks with a blue ribbon sewn to the side to match the blue accenting of the outfit. On the lower right corner of the top and upper left corner resides a black clover ornament. Each girl also wears a white and yellow cap with a ribbon sewn to it. The ribbon is colored to match the sash draped around her right shoulder and chest. 


  • The Heroines Party is the party with the most members represented in SMILE ♥ X (and is the only party which all of its current members passed the audition).
  • Natsuki Hoshino was absent from the group's debut performance. The remaining members wore hats with ribbons in her member color (red) rather than their usual colors in her honor.
  • Every Party featured in Idol Jihen has at least 1 representative in SMILE ♥ X, except for the Rougai Party.
  • The average age of this unit is 17 years.
  • Sachie Kondou and Shizuka Onimaru are the only members whose official colours don't match the official colour of their Party.


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