Otome Kiyotoo
[[File:Img kiyotoo-otome
Gender Female
Home Kochi Prefecture
Age 20
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Sunlight Party
Height 163 cm
Weight 49 kg

Otome Kiyotoo is a character of Idol Jihen. She is part of the Sunlight Party.




Otome has fair skin and feminine, shining dull purple eyes and chest-length, curling rose hair. Her short forelocks curl inward to match her layered bangs, with a few sticking up. She wears black spherical earrings and a beige beret with two fluffy pom-pom sewn on it, one black, one peach.

Her outfit consists of a beige sweater-dress with lace trim and a gold circle chain bel, along with a black vest that has two stars print on it. She also wears dull brown boots with darker toe and heel, and black tights with a pale beige and crimson argyle pattern going up the side.






  • Her birthday is February 2.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • She is the eldest member of the Sunlight Party, along with Himena Yumeno.


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