Miyake Yukino
[[File:Img miyake-yukino (1)
三宅 雪乃
Gender Female
Home Gifu Prefecture
Age 17
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Bishoujo Party
Height 163cm
Weight 47kg

"Enrich your mind more than your wallet!"
Miyake Yukino is an Idol Dietwoman with the Bishoujo Party.




Miyake has fair skin and drooping, bright brown eyes. Her long pale brown hair is curly with a small cowlick and a few, short loose strands. Her bangs are fairly messy. She wears a white and crimson top with blue designs and gold accents, along with a beige skirt, black mary-jane shoes, and grey tube socks. Around her shoulders is an emerald and gold bag.



Miyake's name is made up of four kanji:

三 - means three

宅 - means home

雪 - means snow

乃 - is a possessive particle (meaning of or from)


  • April 4 is her birthday.
  • Her blood type is A.


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