Kuruha Amou
[[File:IMG 0411
天羽 くるは
Gender Female
Home Tokushima
Age 13
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Wakaba Party
Height 142cm
Weight 36kg

Kuruha Amou is a secondary characters in Idol Jihen. She's from the Wakaba Party, and is a Tokushima representative.



Kuruha is a soft-spoken and slightly shy type who gets flustered at times. When it comes to children and defending them she will always stand firm.


Kuruha has fair skin and low drooping grey eyes. Her hair is silver and worn in a thick, loose bob cut with her bangs in a center tuft surrounded by thick forelocks. She wears a dark green beret with a leaf in the middle. 

She wears a green mini-dress with a lighter colored pleat trim and seed pattern on the hem, along with a thick gold ribbon wrapped around the navel. Over her dress is a dark green scallop lined shawl with gold lining and an apple ornament in the center. She also wears mint stockings and white boots. In the anime her outfit is the same but with tiny detail changes. Her eyes were changed to gold.




  • Her birthday is March 2nd.
  • Her blood type is A.