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KiraKira is a trio Idol unit formed by the three head members from the Starlight Party, Sakura Isuzugawa, Shirayuki Arai, and Isuzu Narukami.


Name Age Home Image Colour Additional notes
Sakurako Iizuka 18 Nara Prefecture
Party Leader and a member SMILE ♥ X.
Shirayuki Arai 16 Kagawa Prefecture
Light Pink
Isuzu Narukami 20 Wakayama Prefecture


1st Single - It’s All Star☆Right彡 [2016.10.19]

  1. It’s All Star☆Right彡
  2. Shigureru yuki to hana tsubomi
  3. It’s All Star☆Right彡(Off-Vocal)
  4. Shigureru yuki to hana tsubomi (Off-Vocal)

Unit Outfit

Each girl wears a dark blue mini-dress with a low-cut neckline to reveal the pale yellow fabric covering their chest, which matches the belt circling their navel. The lapel and shoulder area has white fabric wih black line detail and buttons, and at each corner is a slit in the skirt with purple gingham fabric. They also wear blue hats, each style varying between the girl wih a gingham rim, and blue and white pumps.

In the pocket, each girl has her own colored fabric to match her scarf, with Sakurako's being purple, Isuzu's turquoise, and Shirayuki's pastel pink. Sakurako also wears sheer black tights with her outfit while Isuzu and Shirayuki do not.



  • Average age of the unit is 18.
  • "Kira Kira" is a Japanese onomatopoeia meaning "sparkling" or "twinkling".


Official Art


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