Jun Aiba
[[File:Img aiba-jun
Gender Female
Home Fukui Prefecture
Age 18
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party SOS Party
Height 161 cm
Weight 46 kg

Jun Aiba is an Idol Dietwoman with the SOS Party.




Jun has slanted violet eyes and shoulder-length hair of crimson. She wears a single earring and wears purple nail polish.

She wears a purple top featuring red and white lines and a dinosaur skeleton design beneath a black hooded vest lined with studs and ribbon accents. Her skirt is a light purple diagonal cut, trim with black frills with a darker ruffled layer visible from the shorter side. She also wears black sleeves with purple ruffled fabric, along with purple and black sneakers, a stockings in alternate designs, one being solid black with purple ruffles and garter, while the other is purple and black striped. On her left wrist is a black and pink bracelet with a dinosaur skull charm.




  • Her Blood type is A.
  • Her birthday is April 29th.
  • Her zodiac is Taurus.


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