The Heroines Party is a political party featured in Idol Jihen made up of Idol Dietwomen, Sachie Kondou, Shizuka Onimaru, and Natsuki Hoshina. The Party contains the unit With (featuring Onimaru and Hoshina) and is a part of the cross partisan unit Smile Kiss. Their theme color is red.

Party Members

Idol Dietwomen

Name Age Home Additional notes
Sachie Kondou 23 Toyama Prefecture Party leader and a member of SMILE ♥ X.
Shizuka Onimaru 16 Fukuoka Prefecture Member of the units With and SMILE ♥ X. Former member of the Sunlight Party.
Natsuki Hoshina 16 Niigata Prefecture Member of the units With and SMILE ♥ X.


  • The average age of this party is 18.3 years.
  • On the Official idol Jihen website, the Heroine Party is described as a "weak party" that will often "co-operate with other parties".
  • With 3 members, it is the smallest Party featured in Idol Jihen.
    • In an early episode of the anime it was implied there might be other members. But they do not make any appearances in the series.


Official Art


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