# Title Insert Song Air Date
1 私が国会議員になっても

Watashi ga Kokkaigiin ni Natte mo
Episode 01 - Why Become a Dietwoman?

Start up, Dream!! 01-08-2017
With the sudden passing of the Niigata representative Tonomura, his seat in the Diet is up for grabs. Clumsy country girl Natsuki Hoshina signs up for the position, running under the Heroine Party.
2 少女S

Shoujo S
Episode 02 - Girl S

Hatsumi ~ ☆ Sunrise 01-15-2017
Natsuki wants to help Ryusekidou Chinatsu of the Sunlight Party fight off pollution in her hometown, but she has a bit of a complicated history with Onimaru Shizuka.


Nyan'u~ē sedai

Episode 03 - Nyanway Generation

It's All Star ☆ Right 01-22-2017
The children of Nekonoshima write a letter to the Heroine Party, telling them that all the cats except one have disappeared.


Yu rete Shōnan bīchi

Episode 04 - Shake it! Shounan Beach

Honey Moon Cafe 01-29-2017
The Heroine Party has decided to join the annual swimsuit competition, as well as the team who emerged victorious last year- the Bishoujo Party.


Hoikuen tengoku

Episode 05 - Nursery School Heaven

Green Fairy 02-5-2017
At the Kamekame Nursery School, the children have held the Wakabe Party hostage and Chief for the Day Natsuki rushes to help!


TOO shai gāru

Episode 06 - TOO SHY SHY GIRL!

Reckless Girl 02-12-2017
Mika Kozuru of the Subculture Party proposes a plan to open the observation room of the Diet House to the public. However, the Rougai Party opposes to this and they need the Heroine Party's help! But first, they need to solve the ghost issues... with the SOS Party.