Episode 08 - Miss Then Loneliness
Episode Information
Kanji MISSしてロンリネス
Air Date 2 - 19 - 17
Performance Information
Insert Song Sing! Commitments of Love
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Episode 07 - My Microphone Isn't Just for Show Episode 09 - Congressman Clothes and Machine Guns

Miss Then Loneliness is the 8th episode of Idol Jihen. The episode aired on February 19, 2017.


The duo Natsuki and Shizuka continues to advance. Activities of other idol dietwomen who were stimulated by this were expanded, and the world revisited the situation of the former idol parliamentary boom again. Sakuraba finally begins to make a keen eye for crushing the idol dietwomen. Where are the beautiful members who Sakuraba offered for the idol members opposing beyond the faction?



  • The Idol units SMILE Kiss and Cherry7 makes their debut in this episode.
  • The song, Sing! Commitments of Love makes its debut in this episode.



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