Episode 07 - My Microphone Isn't Just for Show
Episode Information
Kanji 飾りじゃないのよマイクは
Air Date 2 - 19 - 17
Performance Information
Insert Song Start up, Dream!!
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Episode 06 - TOO SHY SHY GIRL! Episode 08 - Miss Then Loneliness

My Microphone Is Just for Show is the 7th episode of the Idol Jihen. The episode aired on February 12, 2017.


Construction problem of the stadium took place in Niigata. As the opposition campaign of the local residents was exciting, Natsuki was singled out to get the Onimaru construction contracted. Although she was a direct contact with Keigo Onimaru who is the president, she was repelled without any commas. In addition, one of them triggered the relationship to be quite strange. The stadium problem, dark formation with Kiyomi, the dark clouds will start ... ....





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