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Cherry 7 is a legendary group of Idol Dietwomen. They are known for one of the members being the first Idol Dietwoman Prime Minister of Japan.


Idol Dietwomen

Name Age Home Additional Notes
Saki Shiraga ? Fukuoka Prefecture
Maybelle Takasaki ? Osaka prefecture
Kazumi Mukai ? Tokyo
Megu Izumisawa ? Aichi prefecture
Mikazuki Kagura ? ? First Idol Dietwoman Prime Minister of Japan.

+3 unknown members



  • The ages of the members of Cherry7 are currently unknown but it can be assumed they are older than the other idols featured in the series since even the oldest idol in the series, Sachie Kondou, has never met them before Episode 9. It is known that Mikazuki Kagura became an Idol Dietwoman over 20 years before the start of the series so that would suggest the members of Cherry 7 are in their 30s or 40s.
  • Despite being called Cherry 7, the silhouette seen in Episode 9 shows there are 8 members.